Imaginative Play - Rainbow

Imaginative Play - Rainbow
  • Imaginative Play - Rainbow
  • Imaginative Play - Rainbow
  • Imaginative Play - Rainbow
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Give the gift of imagination. There is nothing that parents love more than to see their child using their imaginations as opposed to getting more screen time. Children of course love to use their imaginations to play fun games, create art, and express themselves. This box is sure to bring hours of creative and engaging imaginative playtime. Trust us, their parents will genuinely thank you for this one! Our Imaginative Play - Blue box includes the following:

  • EEBOO TELL ME A STORY CARDS (FAIRY TALE MIX-UP): These beautifully illustrated cards feature everything a child needs to build their very own engaging fairy tale. Each card has a different scene and they can be lined up purposefully or at random for your child to create their very own science fiction tale. They are great for group play too, as each member in a group can each choose a card to create a collaborative story…the possibilities are endless.
    • Storytelling builds many early literacy skills, including vocabulary, sequencing, narrative, and language comprehension. 
    • These cards build critical thinking skills, as the child must find ways to incorporate the various images into a story.
    • With no words, this is an ideal game for pre-readers as young as 3 and up. It can also be played with the whole family!
  • SARAH'S SILKS MINI STREAMER: A shimmering ribbon of silk is attached to a wooden wand and topped with a colorful wooden bead. These incredibly popular streamers are great fun for waving in the wind, pretending to fish, dancing, writing letters in the air, and more.
    • 3 ft of 100% silk silk on an 8 in wooden dowel. Perfectly sized for toddlers
    • Rainbow print silk with a purple bead 
    • SARAH'S SILKS ENCHANTED PLAYSILKS: The open ended play possibilities are endless! There are so many ways for a child to use their imagination in playing with a play silk:
      • tie one on like a cape or skirt for dress-up play
      • use one as water to sail a boat on
      • create a pretend campfire to cook upon
      • wrap a present
      • use for a magic trick
      • hang a curtain for a puppet show
      • and so much more . . .
      • Rainbow print: 35 in x 35 in square of 100% silk
      • EEBOO OAXACA ART SKETCHBOOK: Perfect for letting a little one's imagination run wild, this  8.5 in x 11 in sketchbook has 60 pages of matte 95lb paper and a durable spiral binding. The cover is decorated with a beautiful and vibrant oaxaca illustration. 
      • STOCKMAR BEESWAX CRAYONS: Made in Germany and nestled in a tin case, these high quality beeswax crayons are sure to delight any little one (and parent too). Beeswax crayons give off vivid colors, are non-toxic, and do not crumble, stick, or smudge like conventional crayons. They can easily be cleaned off surfaces with a soft cloth and a bit of vegetable oil.
      • KEEPSAKE MATTE GIFTBOX: Includes a beautiful sleek matte gift box, Sunday Rose blue colored grosgrain ribbon, gift tag, and handwritten enclosure card.
















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