Organic La Cultivada Quintaesencia Olive Oil


100% organic EVOO. A blend of 3 varietals brings this oil with a medium-high fruitiness and predominantly green overtones. Exceptionally fragrant, with herbaceous notes and very reminiscent of vegetables, along with aromas of green apple and wild flowers. Favours of leafy greens and green almond on the palate of which persist in the aftertaste, together with a hint of bitterness and a progressively spicy finish. Pairs well with leafy greens, veggie, in stews, paellas, with cured Manchego.

Produced in La Campiña, Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain at the Molino de Santa Ana y San Carlos Estate.

Ecotrama gold medal and Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition gold medal. 

Size: 8.45oz