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Business Gifting

We understand that business gifting can be tedious and stressful. Figuring out what to gift, when to gift it, sourcing gift items, sourcing packaging, assembling the gifts, planning out delivery of the gifts, and executing the gift delivery can be a huge burden, especially when it comes on top of all of your other responsibilities.

Let us carry that burden for you. At Sunday Rose, business gifting is our speciality. We have worked with everyone from international companies to small business owners on gifting projects large and small. 

We want to help you position your business in the best light possible and we believe that business gifting is the perfect way for your business to build and strengthen relationships with employees, clients, and business associates. These gifts can be given for any occasion, including holidays, real estate closings, onboarding, launches, project completions, milestones, marketing and promotions, special events, sales initiatives, conferences, thank yous, retreats, and everything in between. 

Our business gifting service is white-glove, meaning we never forget that you are our client, and we always take care of you. To request a brochure about our business gifting program, please email: