Sarah's Silks Enchanted Playsilks - Starry Night


Beautiful golden yellow stars speckle a vibrant blue sky, making this a truly enchanted playsilk! 

These enchanted playsilks will be used for so many things and will be well loved. Children use them as water on which to sail a wooden boat, fire on the floor to pretend to cook on, tied on as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky, and much more.

Measuring 35 x 35 inches, these playsilks by Sarah's Silks are among the most versatile accessories a child could have. Is it a cape, a blanket, a cover for a fort? The possibilities are limitless!

  • Hand hemmed
  • Dyed with non-toxic dyes in the USA
  •  35.43" x 35.43" 

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